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Firscroft Honey Bees is based in South Devon with apiaries in both the South Hams and Torbay.  Our bees forage in the beautiful countryside and produce a delicious honey, a real taste of the Westcountry. 

As well as our fabulous, natural, artisan honey we sell a range of beehives, which we make by hand to order, together with beekeeping equipment.  We also have a lovely range of items made using products of our hives.

We love to promote the life and importance of honey bees by offering talks to individuals, societies, groups and workplaces.  We also offer beekeeping experiences which take place at one of our lovely apiary sites.  The life which goes on within the hive, these wonderful creatures and how they exist as a super organism is truly fascinating and we love to share it!

Firscroft Honey Bees was formed following a desire to leave the corporate world and so a hobby was upscaled into a business.  Starting with just a few hives we have now created a sustainable business which not only respects the environment but that actively enhances it.

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